Sport Relief: Try Something New and Make a Difference!

Sport Relief: Try Something New and Make a Difference!

Sport Relief takes place from 9th to 13th March 2020 and inspires the nation to raise life-changing amounts of money through the power of sport. In association with BBC Sport, the charity event encourages the UK to get active in order to ensure that they can keep on supporting worthy causes. Since 2018, Sport Relief has helped 74,000 people access mental health services alone.

So, how are you going to get moving this year? The list of things you can do outside of work is endless. However, it’s no secret that getting motivated to be active after a full-on and tiring day at work is not easy. In the UK, we sit for an average of 8.9 hours every day. It’s essential we exercise to avoid aches and pains as well as manage our weight better.

Worried you’re too busy to try something new?

Integrate moving into your working day! How about getting a group together and starting a fun exercise class at lunch time? Even going on a brisk walk together is enough to get your heart pumping. Or if you feel like being more independent, why not take a skipping rope to work and challenge yourself to skip for as long as you can over your lunch break? Order your fundraising pack from if you’re keen to use the opportunity to get sponsored.

A fun interdepartmental challenge is ‘Step Champion’. See who can take the most steps in a day just by changing their habits. For example, go on walking meetings, use the stairs instead of the lift and why not visit your colleague’s desk instead of phoning them? Remember that even if you don’t have a fitness tracker, most phones count your steps just by sitting in your pocket!

If you feel determined to exercise outside of your workday…

Take advantage of your company benefit scheme and join a gym or a fitness class. Be sure to try something different every day, whether that’s a particular machine in the gym or a new activity such as rock climbing or playing tennis.

Inactivity is one of the biggest costs to the healthcare system, with the annual sum being around £1.2 billion. With benefits of exercise like improved sleep, better weight management, less stress and stronger bones, muscles and joints – getting moving is a no-brainer! Adults in the UK should aim for 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity each week. That equates to roughly 15 to 20 minutes a day. It could not be easier to get started. Plus, what better motivation than getting sponsored and raising money for brilliant causes by taking part in Sport Relief!