Add more activity into your working day

It is hard to fit exercise, or any form of activity into your working day, when you are stuck at your desk working 8 hours a day, and deadlines are stacking up. There are a few things that can have… Continue Reading →

What Yoga can do for you

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that helps to boost physical and mental wellbeing. Its popularity has grown more and more over the years, as it can be for anyone at any fitness level. There are so many options… Continue Reading →

Your Wellness Hub Supplier Spotlight: Tough Mudder

Challenge your staff, boost morale and have some fun in the mud with Tough Mudder. They motivate staff to exercise more and increase their current activity levels, along with providing the perfect team bonding opportunity. If you are interested in… Continue Reading →

Christmas fitness tips from the experts

Most people tend to put their fitness routine on the back-burner during the festive season. We asked some of our health clubs their tips on how to stay motivated to work out over Christmas instead of just eating mince pies…. Continue Reading →

Creating a healthier future for the corporates of tomorrow

Diabetes UK have shockingly revealed that there are nearly 7,000 children and young adults under 25 with type 2 diabetes in England and Wales which is about 10 times the number reported before. The startling figures has combined the numbers… Continue Reading →

Maintaining healthy habits over the festive period

The Christmas and New Year holidays are almost here! This is a time to relax, spend time with the family and visit relatives. But it can also become a very stressful time. Richard Holmes, Managing Director of Working Health says… Continue Reading →

Your Wellness Hub Supplier Spotlight: My Active Discounts

Enjoy great savings on health, wellness and active lifestyle products with My Active Discounts. The perfect website for your employees to do some Christmas shopping on and save money! My Active Discounts offers discounts on activity trackers, spa breaks, fitness… Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Lip Balms

The skin on your lips is one of the most sensitive parts of your body, yet it often suffers quite a bit of abuse from sun exposure to the cold to wind to dry weather. Not taking care of your… Continue Reading →

Physical inactivity in the workplace

Around 20 million adults in the UK are physically inactive [1] and globally 1 in 4 adults are not active enough. [2] World Obesity Day is on the 11th October and provides people with practical solutions to help people achieve… Continue Reading →

Keep your heart healthy

17.5 million people die every year from CVD, including heart disease and stroke. Cardiovascular disease is the world’s number one killer today, but making just a few small changes to our lives, we can reduce the risk of heart disease… Continue Reading →

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