The Benefits of a Healthy Workplace for Employers

The Benefits of a Healthy Workplace for Employers

Health and wellness has become a priority on the corporate agenda. Companies are now realising the benefits of implementing wellness initiatives and a healthy workplace. Incorpore recognises that healthy employees are good for business. Therefore, they offer a variety of wellness solutions. Incorpore believe that every employee in the British Isles should have a company organised fitness and wellbeing programme as healthy employees are more productive and more profitable.

The benefits of a healthy workplace include:

Reduced absenteeism

An unhealthy workforce costs the UK taxpayer £60 billion. [1]  Over 137 million working days are lost per year due to sickness or injury. [2] A healthy workforce means healthier employees and in turn less sickness related absences. Investing in health and wellness initiatives can help to reduce absenteeism. Therefore, create a good working environment, promote a healthy lifestyle, and educate staff about their health.

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Increased employee engagement

Employees spend a significant time at work over the course of their lives. Therefore, a disengaged workforce is an unproductive workforce. Companies should publicly recognise employees for their contributions and achievements. As a result this will demonstrate that they are appreciated and are doing a good job. For example, reward staff with office massages to help them relax and relieve stress.

Improved workplace morale

The average time British people sit per day is 8.9 hours. [3] Especially if they are snowed under with work, they will spend nearly 9 hours at their desk. Thus potentially lowering morale. Organising team outings during a lunch break will encourage staff to leave the office. Not only that but it will help boost morale and provide employees with fun team building time.

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Greater business capacity to thrive

A wellness programme demonstrates a sustainable business practice and will reflect well on the company as happy and healthy employees will promote a positive company image. A happy business with a good image is more likely to attract talent and retain staff, meaning the company will be more successful.


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