It’s National Fitness Day!

It's National Fitness Day!

How are those New Year’s Resolutions going? You know the ones – the gym twice a week, the healthier diet, stairs instead of the escalator, even walking to work?

Wish we hadn’t reminded you? Thought as much!

National Fitness Day is on the 25th of September and is the perfect day to re-evaluate your life decisions, reassess your goals, and restart your health kick.

Therefore today we celebrate the fun behind getting fit – however you decide to do it. Whether that is a brisk walk in the mornings, a Zumba class with your friends, a kickboxing session or a hot yoga class. The options are endless.

The idea behind National Fitness Day is to spread the word about how important physical activity is to lead much healthier lives. Being physically active means something different to everyone. To some, it means getting fit and healthy. To others, physical activity is a stress reliever. #Fitness2Me is a trend that is all over social media, allowing us all to express what fitness means to us. Have a read and see if someone inspires you to get moving. Otherwise hashtag your own story and you might inspire someone else!

Research shows that people who start their day off with physical activity end up having much lower stress levels, making better decisions at work and having much more energy. Moreover – and most importantly – active people are happier!

Give yourself five minutes to think about how active you are in a normal week. Do you make time for a quick gym session before or after work? Is there a day you could walk to the office instead of driving? Is there a fitness app you could download that will encourage you to do ten-minute workout every day?

It’s time to unroll that yoga mat or get a football out the cupboard and get fit.

National Fitness Day. 25th September. Get involved.