Why Employers Should Encourage Group Fitness Class Outings in 2018

Why Employers Should Encourage Group Fitness Class Outings in 2018

Group fitness classes aren’t just all loud music and people shouting at you. They are about socialising, reaping the health benefits and supporting each other. Group fitness classes can give employees the nudge they need to get fitter whilst bonding with their colleagues. Working out in a group can also be more fun!

Promotes a healthier workforce

Communicating to employees the benefits of exercise is not only beneficial for their health but for your company. Physically active people are less likely to take sick days, are more productive, are healthier and have more energy. The benefits of exercising are endless. Therefore, encouraging group fitness classes will not only give you a healthier workforce but a happier workforce.

Bonding with colleagues

Having a good relationship with colleagues inside and outside of work plays an important part in job satisfaction. Group fitness classes are a fantastic way for staff to get to know each other outside of the office! Bootcamp for instance can be great for helping with team building and communications skills.

Destress after a long day

Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress, help you feel calmer and alleviate symptoms of anxiety. The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association has shown that group workouts improve our mental, physical and emotional health. Encouraging group workouts can help employees unwind after a long day and improve their quality of life.

It offers variety

It is easy to get bored with the same gym routine day in and out. Fitness classes offer a wide variety of exercises such as kickboxing, Pilates, yogaspinning, aqua aerobics and much more… Having a selection of different classes in your week will keep your body guessing about which workout it will be doing next. Therefore, it will speed up your metabolism in the process.

Provides group motivation

Quite a few people struggle to find the motivation to go to the gym by themselves. This is why you should go in a group if you are lacking enthusiasm to workout. When exercising in groups you will be more inspired and motivated as you will be surrounded with like-minded people. It will also push people to workout longer, harder and to your limit.

It is fun

Classes are meant to be a social, interactive and exciting place where you should have fun. There are often enthusiastic speakers and music, which create a fun-filled vibe. Group fitness classes are less stressful than your usual workouts. Simply because you don’t have to plan, each class will be structured with a warm-up, balanced workout and cool-down.

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