Supplier Spotlight: My Active Discounts

Supplier Spotlight: My Active Discounts

Enjoy great savings on health, wellness and active lifestyle products with My Active Discounts. The perfect website for your employees to do some shopping on and save money! They offer discounts on activity trackers, spa breaks, fitness clothing and shoes, sports equipment, holidays, days out and much more.

For more information, read our Q&A below.

Why was the business created and when?

My Active Discounts is a product of Incorpore Ltd. Created in April 2017, to complement Incorpore’s gym offerings. Most importantly, they wanted to reach their clients employees who aren’t gym goers or fitness orientated.

What are the benefits of the products?

My Active Discounts is good for your employee’s bank balance and health! Therefore, with so many products available to help staff get fit and healthy, there is something for everyone. There are savings up to 50%!

What is your greatest success?

My Active Discounts supports employees who aren’t interested in the gym environment and engage them in their health through different means. This includes fitness trackers and healthy nutrition. In the time since we launched, we have worked with some big brand names and have offer unique discounts from some of the largest brands out there!

What is the big aim of the company?

Incorpore’s mission is to dramatically increase the uptake and promotion of gym memberships and wellness services within the working population of the British Isles. Therefore, My Active Discounts’ aims to help get people healthy for less.

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