What It’s Really like to Start a Fitness Journey Again in January – Week 4

What It’s Really like to Start a Fitness Journey Again in January – Week 4

Ever wondered what it’s truly like to start getting fit in January? One of our client’s employees have kindly agreed to tell their story through the ups and the downs, the good and the bad, and all of the healthy changes they are trying to make. Here is week four of Employee X getting fit in January:

Monday 22nd January

Today’s fitness excursion was going to be at the park because I find the treadmill incredibly boring. However, it has rained nonstop all weekend and the only thing running around in this park are ducks. My knee is slightly swollen from yesterday’s pavement jog. It doesn’t hurt but I feel like I have done a little bit of damage to it.

We made things a little bit more interesting today by trying to run, walk, run and walk for 30 minutes. We did five minutes of walking and one minute of running, four minutes of walking and two minutes of running, three minutes of walking and running, two minutes of walking and four of running. Finally, finishing with one minute of walking and five minutes of running. The last five minutes were definitely a struggle. Especially when I checked how much longer I had to run and realised I had been running for 24 seconds! I got there in the end but I was sweating as if I had been running in the Gobi Desert. What a way to start the week though! I am still unfit but being active for 30 minutes without stopping was an achievement. I don’t feel like dying either which is a bonus.

Tuesday 23rd January

I had every intention of doing ‘something’ today but I failed to see that through. I was going to do 50 press ups or 50 crunches or some form of exercise… Instead I spent way too much time sat down – at work, on the train and then on the sofa. I need to make the behavioural changes that stop me forgetting to exercise and getting fit January. Considering I won’t lose weight sat on the sofa watching The Walking Dead – but I may become one.

Wednesday 24th January

I turned up at the gym this morning like a man who was possessed. Even my PT mentioned how sprightly I was, which was all thanks to a half-decent sleep. Any happiness I had was soon taken away as I was lead towards the rower! I struggled to get my shoes in and out of the pedal straps without assistance. Then I could reach the row-bar to start the machine! I couldn’t work out if it is my back that isn’t flexible enough or if my stomach gets in the way. However, either way I was left feeling a bit inadequate. I hated that people were watching too…

I have heard people say before that rowing is a great all-body exercise and they aren’t wrong. The only reason why I didn’t fall off the rower is that I am stuck in the pedal straps! My back, arms and quads all ached and I was horrendously out of breath. By the time I managed to get up I felt a little bit unwell and dizzy. It’s possible that I wasn’t breathing properly or getting enough oxygen into my body during the bursts of exercise. This causes the muscles to produce lactate which allows the energy production to continue. I’m told this is what could be giving me this strange sensation. After taking a couple of minutes break, I continue the rest of the session as normal. Nonetheless, it was definitely a shock to the system.

Thursday 25th January

My back and quads are screaming at me today. I officially dislike the rower and it’s my new worst enemy… I’m not sure if I can muster up the energy to go for a run today. However, I end up taking a long walk around London in a desperate attempt to avoid my body seizing up. I feel like I am 35 going on 95!

Friday 26th January

I may have had a cheeky couple of beers last night purely for medicinal reasons. It was a liquid pain relief I’ll have you know. It did the job so don’t judge me! I am excited for boxing today though.

I absolutely nailed boxing and I am on cloud nine! We were outdoors too and the breeze was a nice addition. I have slight trouble remembering all of the different punch combinations. However, the best thing with boxing is that as long as you don’t hit the instructor then everything is good. The exercises consisted of boxing, ab work and different types of planks. Today’s new exercises are the reptile plank and a rock’n’roll plank. The reptile plank was hard as it involved moving my legs which hasn’t happened in the last 48 hours. I would like to be able to plank for longer but 20-30 seconds is proving difficult at the moment. I’m going to start practising my planking at home and see if I can manage to do it longer. There is no equipment needed just motivation which I am lacking.

Saturday 27th January

I have a dinner organised with friends so I need to do some sort of exercise during the day. I had every intention of doing something active but I opted to walk into town instead and have a haircut, a pub lunch and watched football on the telly. We are meeting friends in an hour and I haven’t done anything… Oops!

Sunday 28th January

I was expecting a serious hangover today. However, my careful water management during dinner means I am in good shape this morning. It’s a lot harder to avoid rounds of drinks in the pub but over dinner you can just top your glass up with water instead of wine and nobody really notices. Considering I didn’t hit my 8,000 steps yesterday I have started the day off with a walk, run, walk, run around the park. Therefore, getting me 10,000 steps and 5km done. I do feel healthier since getting fit in January – I just don’t think it is showing yet.


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