What Is Yo-Yo Dieting and Does It Work?

What Is Yo-Yo Dieting and Does It Work?

“Need to get that bikini body!”

“It’s Christmas, I can treat myself!”

“New Year, New Me!”

“It’s Easter, I can treat myself!” 

“Need to get that bikini body!”

Sound familiar? Of course it does. It’s a constant cycle that surrounds us, literally, all the time. However, this is actually a common form of yo-yo dieting, a term coined to describe weight cycling.

And the problem is it works for a lot of people. They feel good about themselves by getting into shape for a short amount of time, before indulging in naughty treats, and getting into shape again for a short amount of time, before…

So, is yo-yo dieting actually a viable option? Here at Incorpore, we think not.Here’s why yo-yo dieting is bad for health.

1. Health risks

Your body deals with the constant weight swings by regaining the fat on your stomach. This means an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and other things you don’t want. A fatty liver being one of them.

2. It ages you

We all know you secretly hope the cashier will ask for your ID when buying that bottle. But yo-yo dieting has serious side effects on our skin – especially our faces – from the stretching and contracting of the skin. The results being extra wrinkles and an overall shine on the skin that has an ageing effect.

3. Mind games

Yo-yo dieting is seriously hard on your mind. Losing and gaining weight over and over again can leave you feeling depressed about your weight. Weight cycling also leads to obsessing over food and causes mental frustration, as well as irritability and lack of tolerance due to hunger, tiredness and getting weaker. So, while you might fit into your little black dress, there’s a chance you will have alienated yourself from those around you.

4. It’s not just fat you’re losing…

When we lose weight, we lose muscle. But when regaining weight, we just regain fat. Life really is cruel, isn’t it? Muscle burns far more energy than fat, so losing the fat the next time round is twice as hard. Repeat this over and over again and you are just gaining more fat over time.

In the long run, you end up causing more harm than good.

Our recommendation ladies and gents – don’t do it.