The Lighter Side of Starting a Gym in January

The Lighter Side of Starting a Gym in January

January is the busiest time of the year for the fitness industry as many people embark on getting a gym membership as the solution to Christmas over-indulgence. All year-round gym-goers suddenly find their usual haunts invaded by new-fitness people who probably haven’t been near the gym during the previous year.

A new-fitness person should be applauded for making the lifestyle switch but they tend to be the ones bragging about exercise and every time they workout will announce it to the whole office. Regular gym-goers curse them and for at least two months the club is packed with this new breed of fitness maniac.

Stuart is a dedicated gym-goer. Stuart goes to the gym every day and sometimes goes twice a day.  All Stuart wants to do is his regular fitness routine, but Stuart can’t as all the new-fitness people are jumping in and not following the gym’s unspoken rules. All the new-fitness people are asking Stuart lots of questions and he spends twice the amount of time at the working out. Stuart dreads January every year!

To avoid making Stuart sad and annoying regular gym-goers, we here at Incorpore have put together a list of rules for new-fitness people joining the gym in the New Year. Don’t just be a January gym-goer… Be better and strive for more.

Surprise! The gym is busier during peak times!

If you are new to the gym one of the worst times you could possibly go is during peak times.  Add onto that the fact it is January and most people think they need to get fit after binge eating over Christmas. Gym peak times are as enjoyable as watching paint dry and should be avoided at all cost.  Peak times vary, but most often than not are around 8am to 11am and 4pm to 7pm.

Machines are for sharing.

Most gym machines will have a time limit on the amount of time you can spend on them, so don’t be that annoying person who uses it for hours on end. Your regular gym-goers will soon end up hating you and you will become a persona non-grata. Follow the time limits and you will be respected that oh so much more by the regulars in your gym.

‘Nngngh’ – the sound one makes when getting back off the floor.

Yes, the gym is hard but do you need to make grunting and ‘oof’ noises every time you lift weights or perform a move in a class? Not only will that draw attention to you but it will quickly annoy the regulars.

Better yourself not your selfie!

We get it, being in the gym is an achievement for you but do you really need to take a selfie every time you visit it?! Or constantly be having loud phone conversations and updating your status. It is where you go to workout not boost your social media followers.

Punctuality is a virtue

Nothing will get you automatically disliked more than arriving late for a group class! You are holding up the whole class and it is unfair as people will want to get a full hour’s workout! It won’t hurt you to arrive five minutes early. The class starts at a specific time, not when you arrive!

Avoid distracting the gym-goers mid-set

Respect people’s space and don’t interrupt people mid-workout, you could either cause them to injure themselves or loose count. Neither of which is an outcome you want. You won’t be too popular if you keep ruining gym-goers workouts, so leave them be and try not to be distracting. The gym isn’t a Saturday night taxi ride home “So have you been busy mate?”

A tidy gym is a happy gym.

The gym isn’t your second home, you should treat it with respect and always tidy up after yourself. Don’t leave your towels or other gym gear in people’s way. You should always put anything you use back in the correct place. The gym area should not look like some teenagers have just had a sleepover after you have finished with it.

Cat-walking is a no-no.

Just like when you go to work you should dress correctly, nobody wants to see your pecks or your beer belly. The primary purpose of the gym is to workout, raise your heart rate, burn calories and get your sweat on. You should dress comfortably and in clothes that are appropriate. If you like ‘different’ then offers a discount on a number of independent fitness fashion brands.

Staff have feelings too

Nothing will tell you apart from the regulars than the way you treat the staff. Stuart goes to the gym every day and knows Emma the personal trainer like they were old university buddies. He always asks how she is and treats her with respect. They are friends, equals and are bonded over their passion for fitness so don’t be upset of Emma always talks to Stuart and not you! The gym team are there to help you not date you. Be courteous, kind and polite to the staff, they have feelings just like you and are very willing to help you reach your goals.

Sweat won’t kill you – but it might make your colleagues sick!

It’s no secret that working out will get you sweaty but it doesn’t mean that you need to go back to work that way! Respect the after-workout life and shower! Smelling like gone off milk at work has never really taken off.

Ask, ask, ask

Everyone knows you are a January newbie so don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t know how to use something. The staff and the other members will gladly help you. In fact they respect people who are learning the ways. Trying to figure out how to use something on your own can be dangerous and get you on a viral meme for being a numpty.

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