5 Tips to Walk More in Everyday Life

5 Tips to Walk More in Everyday Life

Walking is a simple and easy way to get more active and feel healthier! It can reduce the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, lower stress levels, and help people to maintain a healthy weight. May is National Walking Month. Therefore, we have compiled 5 tips to help you walk more in everyday life.

Walk to and from work

Walking to work or home from it can be beneficial for your health and mental wellness. A study from the University of East Anglia and Centre for Diet and Activity Research found that walking or cycling to work is better for people’s mental health than driving. It highlighted that active commuters are better able to concentrate and are under less stress than if they had travelled by car. If you live too far from work then try to get off the bus/train a couple of stops before your destination. Then walk the rest of your journey.

Avoid staying indoors during lunch

The average employee sits for 9.5 hours. Therefore, it’s important to make the most of your lunch breaks and go walk about outside. Why not arrange a lunchtime walk with your colleagues or suggest to your employer organising a fitness related class? Walkfit Classes organised by Be Military Fit are a low impact, fun, outdoor workout. They involve bodyweight exercises mingled with brisk walking to burn calories and keep your heart healthy. Walkfit is led by qualified military instructors with the skills to motivate employees to become stronger and more active. Walkfit Classes are flexible to suit the needs of your workplace. They can deliver walks at times and locations that are convenient for organisations. If you are interested in organising a Walkfit Class, please visit Your Wellness Hub on www.yourwellnesshub.co.uk.

Take the stairs instead of the lift

It can become an easy habit to use the lift at work or when you are out and about. However, climbing the stairs is better for your health and fitness levels. Stair climbing burns more calories, helps you lose weight, improves energy levels, and lowers your risk for diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Have walking meetings

When you have an internal meeting instead of sitting down around a table for hours on end, you should try walking meetings. Walking meetings are more creative and productive, better for your health as they get you moving, and improves work energy and engagement.

Go for a walk after dinner

Walk more in everyday life by going out for a walk after dinner with your family or friends. Brisk walking after a meal helps with digestion and reduces belly fat whereas lying down after a heavy meal can make you feel stuffed and lethargic. Not only that but an after-dinner walk will speed up your metabolism, provide better sleep, lowers blood sugar and improves blood circulation.