Work-Life Balance and Mental Health

Work-Life Balance and Mental Health

With this week being National Work Life Week and today being World Mental Health Day, what better time to talk about the positive effects of a healthy work-life balance on emotional wellbeing?

The pressure of a demanding work culture in the UK, alongside that of keeping up with your personal life, social life and family’s lives could potentially be the most pressing challenge for our mental health.

It is critical that employers understand and respect their workforce’s work-life balance and the effect it has on mental health.

The Cambridge Dictionary gives a simple but effective definition of work-life balance: the amount of time you spend doing your job compared with the amount of time you spend with your family and doing things you enjoy.

Switching off from work is key when it comes to emotional wellbeing and it’s a big step in achieving a healthy work-life balance. However, this is not only down to the employee; their employer needs to enable it.

At Incorpore, mental wellbeing is part of our core DNA. A large number of resources have been implemented to that ensure staff have the perfect work-life balance. Therefore, Incorpore have a dedicated set of Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA) who are available at any time. They regularly check in with the team to ensure they are all right. This subsequently encourages a culture of openness; may that be about personal battles or about work targets they are struggling with.

All of Incorpore’s managers and team leaders are trained to spot stress or when someone isn’t quite themselves. With the support of the heads of departments, there are a number of useful skills and tricks to ensure you are not carrying the world of work on your shoulders.

Throughout the business, Incorpore has devised a range of support techniques that ensure employees are feeling safe and happy. For example, there are posters in relevant places reminding staff to take time to talk when they feel they need to. Not only does Incorpore encourage talking, the firm makes allowances for medical appointments, including therapy sessions.

Incorpore’s entire workforce has access to a mental health tool. Yours can too!

MyMindPal is a powerful new platform that uses some of the newest approaches to behaviour change. It’s designed to build resilience within the employee benefit market. Teams learn skills such as mindfulness, optimism, letting go of the past or bouncing back from challenges. The app employs cognitive interventions and practices to positively shift the way people think and behave. Best of all, it only takes 5 minutes a day.

For information on how MyMindPal can benefit your workforce, email