5 Reasons Why Tea Is Good For You

Benefits of tea

The British drink approximately 100 million cups of tea daily, which is almost 36 billion per year. It’s no shock when most of us love nothing more than a hot and comforting cuppa. From needing a push to get out of bed in the morning or a pick me up in the day, a good cuppa is often our go-to. However, it does so much more than just comfort us and yes there are lots of benefits of tea.

There exist various flavors too and each has its own beneficial properties! So, here are 5 benefits of tea which you should know about.

1. Contains antioxidant properties

A cuppa is good for you as it has antioxidant properties that help your cells to regenerate and repair. It can also slow down ageing. Furthermore, the antioxidants could help protect against different types of cancer and reduce your risk of the illness. These could include the following types: breast, skin, lung, ovarian, prostate, liver and more.

2. Boosts brain power

Black and green tea both contain a unique amino acid, L-theanine, which can increase mental alertness. The benefits of tea also include improving mental clarity and focus! Green tea also has small amounts of caffeine to help increase energy.

3. Helps you destress

High amounts of caffeine can leave us feeling jittery and on edge. However, green tea has components that could leave us feeling calmer. The polyphenol in the drink has also been shown to help relieve anxiety and depression. Other teas which have calming properties include: lavender, lemon balm, chamomile, valerian root, peppermint and ginseng.

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4. Protects your heart

A British Heart Foundation study highlighted that drinking green tea could lower the risk of heart disease. They found that a compound could break up dangerous protein plaque in blood vessels that contributes to heart disease. Regular black tea could also be beneficial to lipid levels and blood pressure. Furthermore, a study in the Journal of Nutrition discussed that it may lower cholesterol levels in adults. Were you aware of these benefits of tea?

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5. Benefits your gut health

Black and green tea both have compounds that are thought to be beneficial for our gut microbiota. A cuppa can better your digestion and can tackle issues including nausea and upset stomach. Chamomile tea can be good for people suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Furthermore, ginger tea helps to calm nausea and peppermint tea is good for soothing upset stomachs.


So, they are some of the amazing benefits of tea! Each tea can be beneficial in their own way, therefore you should research the different teas for whatever you are looking for.