Handy hacks for exercising in hot weather

Handy hacks for exercising in hot weather

Hot weather can be a major deterrent for people who may be looking to get a workout in this summer. The heat can make us feel drowsy, dehydrated, and lethargic. Plus, you could even end up suffering from heat stroke if you’re not careful. However, working out in the sun can increase vitamin D levels, help with sleep quality, and even boost our moods due to a rise in serotonin provided by the sunlight.

So here are some hacks to help you to safely work out on even the hottest of summer days:

Wear sun cream

It might sound obvious, but if you’re planning on working out outdoors, always remember to apply a high SPF beforehand. And you might want to opt for a waterproof sun cream to avoid sweating it off. There are many benefits of wearing an SPF, such as preventing premature aging, protecting against skin cancer and sunburn. Severe sunburn can even lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. So, if you’re planning on exercising outdoors, go for a sun cream with a high SPF.

Stay hydrated

Always remember to drink plenty of fluids when exercising in the heat. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to start drinking. Drink plenty of water throughout the day before your workout to help your body sweat and cool down. If you plan on exercising for more than 60 minutes, you may want to consider sipping on a sports drink.  Sports drinks can replace the sodium, chloride, and potassium you lose through sweating.





Be conscious of when you choose to workout

With the hottest time of day being from 10am to 3pm, try to work out before or after this time. Early mornings and late afternoons/evenings are great as you’ll minimize your exposure to direct sunlight.

Go for a swim

Water is your best friend on a hot day! And not just for drinking. Work out and cool down at the same time by going for a swim or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try a water sport like surfing, paddleboarding or water-skiing. Most water sports like swimming are a great full-body workout and an excellent way to burn calories. Lastly, no sweat! If sweating puts you off other forms of exercise, then fear not! Work hard without the uncomfortable sweat.





Join a gym

No matter how hot it is outside, there’s always the option of working out in a cool, airconditioned gym. Not only is the temperature controlled for your comfort, but you can choose from a range of different workouts. Join a class, go for a run on the treadmill or hit the weights section! The gym can also be a great place for meeting new people with similar interests. Having friends to meet and work out with can be one of the most motivating factors in reaching your fitness goals.