Christmas Fitness Tips from the Experts

Christmas Fitness Tips from the Experts

Most people tend to put their fitness routine on the back-burner during the festive season. We asked some of our health clubs their tips on how to stay motivated to work out over Christmas instead of just eating mince pies. Here’s what they said:

David Lloyd- Opt for short workouts

During the festive period, opt for short, effective workouts to fit in with busy schedules.  Brand new to David Lloyd Clubs is Blaze, a boutique-style HIIT workout, available now in selected clubs and currently being rolled out nationwide.  Available as a 45-minute class, a combination of intense cardio, strength training and combat, the ultimate full body workout, all whilst tracking your heart rate and more.

Alternatively, why not escape the Christmas rush and retreat to one of David Lloyd’s live or virtual mind and body classes, from yoga to meditation – all available throughout the day at times to suit, giving yourself the gift of wellness this year.

Bannatyne – Be realistic with your fitness goals

Set yourself challenging but realistic fitness goals because if you’re too ambitious you will become disheartened and give up. Therefore, try to enlist friends or family to join you in your fitness regime. It’s more fun and you can support each other when the going gets tough. We also recommend varying your training. There’s a huge variety of classes, including virtual classes that work around you, cardio workouts, functional and weight training to choose from. Don’t get stuck in a rut and get bored. Just remember, doing something is better than doing nothing! Swap selection boxes for box jumps.

Virgin Active – Incentivise and thrive

Self-reward is important to forming habits. If you can make it through the festive season of course you deserve a reward. The trouble is that unless you have a particularly altruistic bunch of mates, any rewards are going to be those you give yourself. The pair of shoes you buy to reward a gruelling month in December in the gym were never really in jeopardy – nothing is really stopping you going out and buying them regardless. These extrinsic rewards aren’t necessarily linked by much and studies show that the moment they dry up so does your motivation. Instead, try to ensure that any positives you gain are intrinsic to your resolution. If being in the gym bores you, try listening to your favourite podcast only when you’re there. Or ditch a boring cardio session for a social game of five-a-side.  Soon you will be readily associating business with pleasure.

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