Activities to Add into Your Working Day

Activities to Add into Your Working Day

It is hard to fit exercise, or any form of activity into your working day… Especially when you are stuck at your desk working 8 hours a day, and deadlines are stacking up. There are a few things that can have a positive effect on your fitness levels. Here are some activities to add into your working day:

1. Start with your commute

Walk to work, or jump on a bike in the mornings! If you have to drive to get to work, maybe park slightly further away than usual and give yourself a brisk 10-minute walk to your office. If you get the train/underground get off a station before and give yourself the extra journey to walk. It’s a great start to adding some activity into the beginning of your day.

2. Use fitness balls at work

Take a fitness ball to work, or ask if they can provide you with one. Then spend some of your day not on your chair, but on your ball doing gentle exercises as you work. Using the ball also helps improve your posture at work, as well as core strength.

3. Use an app and track yourself

Download an app, that tracks your steps, and set yourself a goal to reach every day. Use your lunchtime for activities take a walk, or instead of phoning your colleague in the other room, get up and talk to them instead.

4.Wear comfortable clothing

Fashion is very important in the workplace, even subconsciously we all dress to impress while we are at work. Wear less restrictive dresses or flat shoes instead of high ones, you’re more likely to change little bits of your day, like using the stairs instead of the lift.

5. Make waiting time, moving time

While waiting for the photocopier, printer, microwave or even the meeting room, take a little stroll, or do some small exercises – you don’t have to a standstill. A wall sits, squat or lunge can make all the difference.

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