Top tips and tricks for sleeping in the heat

Top tips and tricks for sleeping in the heat

Fall asleep with ease this Summer with these simple hacks on how to sleep during a heatwave.

With the UK’s Summer heatwave in full swing, a hot bedroom is something a lot of us have been struggling with. With the optimum temperature for drifting off being around 18.3°C (give or take a few degrees) and recent temperatures reaching up to 40°C it’s no wonder fan sales have increased by up to 1630%.

The extra heat can make us restless, unable to fall asleep, and left feeling exhausted as a result. So here are some useful tips and tricks to beat the heat.

Sleep downstairs

Heat does indeed rise. It rises because when a substance is hot, its molecules are further apart, which makes the hot air less dense and therefore lighter than cooler air. So, if possible, move bedrooms and sleep downstairs for a cooler night’s sleep. Don’t have the option to sleep downstairs? Lay low by putting your mattress on the floor.

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water during the day. However, avoid drinking too much just before bed and having to make multiple nighttime toilet trips.

So how much water is recommended? The US Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council advised adults to consume one milliliter of liquid for every recommended calorie of food. On average that’s about two litres for women and two-and-a-half litres for men.

Invest in some good-quality pajamas

Linen trumps all other materials when it comes to keeping our bodies cool. This is because it absorbs and sheds moisture quickly, helping to keep your skin dry at night. Cotton is also an excellent choice for non-active summer clothes due to its breathability.

Don’t want to splash out on new PJs? Sleep naked!

Get your workouts in early

Working out later in the day will raise your core temperature in the run-up to bedtime. Do an early morning workout instead when the temperature is cooler compared to the afternoon and evening. Chief Sleep Officer at Sealy UK Neil Robinson says, ‘exercise first thing in the morning to kick start your metabolism throughout the day and leave you feeling ready to rest in the evening’.

Avoid napping during the day

The heat can often make us feel lethargic and drowsy during the day. Whilst an afternoon nap might sound ideal a 2006 study found that napping for over 30 minutes can prevent getting precious shuteye later. Another disadvantage of taking a nap could be that you develop sleep inertia. Symptoms of sleep inertia include grogginess, impaired vision, and the feeling of wanting to go back to sleep. Drinking plenty of water, regularly exercising and a healthy diet are all things that will help naturally boost your energy levels.