My Gym Discounts Has Launched in Ireland!

My Gym Discounts Has Launched in Ireland!

After many successful years and a high number of requests from Irish employers, My Gym Discounts is arriving in Ireland.

My Gym Discounts is a product of Incorpore Ltd. The voucher based scheme offers employees in Ireland the opportunity to benefit from discounted gym memberships. They offer memberships at hundreds of gyms, leisure centres, health clubs and class studios across Ireland. It’s a voluntary scheme where memberships are set up and paid for in club or online directly by the employee.

My Gym Discounts is the largest and the most successful gym network in the UK. They collectively serve in excess of six million people! They work with over 3,500 gyms and 1,700 of the UK’s largest employers. The network is growing every month!

My Gym Discounts Ireland offers a wide variety of membership types that aren’t necessarily for 12 months. Therefore, the flexibility is appealing for employees who have not used a gym facility before. Their mission is to increase the uptake of gym memberships among Ireland’s working population. Thus, they strongly believe that exercise plays a hug part in creating a healthier workforce.

James Shillaker, Director at Incorpore says: “We are happy to be able to offer our full range of gym and wellbeing services to the working population of Ireland. We have great relationships with benefit providers, health clubs and clients with an existing workforce in both the UK and Ireland. So, this was on the horizon for some time. As Ireland continues to attract and develop global companies we need to make sure the workforces have a range of health and wellbeing employee benefits to match their talent.”

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