How to Boost the Wellbeing of your Employees

How to Boost the Wellbeing of your Employees

Maintaining positive physical and mental health is essential for employee wellbeing. It can have an impact on motivation, productivity, absenteeism and staff turnover.

A workplace culture that nurtures employee wellbeing is important to maximise the effects across your entire employee population. Ensure you have something for everyone, national and comprehensive coverage will increase take-up from dispersed or remote working populations.


Offer discounted gym memberships

A more active workforce has numerous benefits for employee mental wellbeing! This includes more energy, a better mood, better sleep, less stress and negativity, and increased social connectivity with new and different people. It is also very good for our physical health as it betters weight management and blood pressure levels. Along with reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Not only that but it is also beneficial for strengthening bones, muscles and joints, so less aches and pains.

Incorpore offer two fitness solutions for employees – GymFlex and My Gym Discounts. GymFlex offers discounted gym memberships via salary deductions, and My Gym Discounts is an employee paid gym membership scheme. Our gym network is comprised of over 3,500 of the major gyms, leisure centres, outdoor boot camps and yoga studios. Thus encouraging more employees to adopt an active lifestyle!


Make health assessments accessible to all

It’s important to demonstrate that the health of your workforce matters. The Capita Workplace Wellness Employee Report 2019 found that 46% feel their employer does not care about their health as long as they come into work. It also revealed that 64% of employees would welcome incentives from their employer that reward healthy behaviour. They would like rewards such as contributions towards the cost of health screenings. Therefore, consider providing health assessments to help to protect the health of your employees. This is helps future proofing your business and encouraging staff to take control of their health.

COMING SOON from Incorpore, our two new exciting wellness solutions – HealthiFlex and MyHealthDiscounts. HealthiFlex offers discounted health assessments via salary deductions, and MyHealthDiscounts is an employee paid health assessment scheme. Our network offers choice, coverage and great savings on a host of different health assessment packages at over 2,000 locations. Therefore encouraging and empowering employees to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to their personal health.


Don’t forget about your employee’s emotional wellbeing

Fostering a company culture that endorses positive employee emotional wellbeing is important for both employees and employers alike. 6 out of 10 employees suffer from mental and emotional wellbeing issues attributed to their time at work. Did you know that 1 in 5 people take a day off work due to stress, and that a quarter of people consider resigning due to stress?

Incorpore have teamed up with MyMindPal, an online emotional wellbeing platform that helps your employees thrive on a daily basis. MyMindPal hosts a variety of evidence-based exercises to assist employees to reduce stress in the moment, build a positive mind-set, learn to live in the present moment, and build their levels of resilience – collectively leading to an enhanced level of emotional wellbeing, increased performance levels and reduced absenteeism.


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Incorpore’s vision is to create a fitter, happier and more productive employees, now, and for future generations.