Healthy Eating in the Workplace

Healthy Eating in the Workplace

Poor diet is a factor in one in five deaths around the world. [1] Diet is the second highest risk factor for early death after smoking. [2] Furthermore, making healthy behavioural changes within the workplace can help employees develop healthy eating habits in their everyday life.

Did you know that?

  • 26% of adults are classified as obese. [3]
  • Only 26% of adults consumed 5 or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day. [4]
  • There are 56,638 takeaways in England – more than a quarter of all the country’s food outlets. [5]
  • One in six young people eat fast food twice a day (16 to 20-year-olds). Furthermore, one in eight 21 to 34-year olds eating fast food as frequently. [6]
  • Adults in the UK are eating at least 79 million ready meals and 22 million fast food and takeaway meals every week. [7]

How to tackle it?

Provide a healthy vending machine

Healthy Nibbles offer award-winning healthy vending machines! They help overcome the challenge of finding healthy and nutritious snacks in city offices. They make snacking healthy and convenient whilst ensuring taste is a top priority. Combining the latest vending technologies with nutritionally certified, artisan snacks, Healthy Nibbles’ vending machines are connected, 100% cashless and provide full nutritional and allergen information prior to purchase. You will not find a healthier vending machine supplier! The benefits of Healthy Nibbles cash machines include full UK service, smart features, premium healthy snacks, cashless and energy efficient.

Educate employees with a health calendar

Engage your workforce in their personal health and wellness with monthly health campaigns. Health calendars will inspire your employees to lead healthier lives. Therefore, helping them make informed and sustainable wellbeing choices to live well, stay healthy, feel fitter and work better. The health awareness campaigns calendar is bespoke to your company. So, you can select the 12 subjects from a list of 24 topics. For example, healthy eating, diabetes, healthy lifestyle, weight, sleep, exercise and much more…

Offer healthy snack boxes

Encourage your employees to make healthier snacking choices. Above all, avoid those harmful refined sugars buy offering a free healthy snack box. Healthy Nibbles deliver healthy office snacks – providing convenient access to millions of healthy snacks per year, delivered right to your doorstep. Most importantly, they are made with nutritious, whole ingredients, whilst ensuring taste is top priority. Healthy Nibbles will keep your team fuelled with on-the-go snacks that help increase productivity. Not only that but make them feel cared for. The snack boxes can even display your company branding.

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