7 Natural and Effective Cold Remedies

7 Natural and Effective Cold Remedies

With the cold weather being here, it seems like everyone is coughing, sneezing and constantly blowing their nose! There’s a lot to be said for just letting a common cold run its course. It’s a prime opportunity to blow out the cobwebs, test your immune system, get rid of toxins, eat well, rest and recuperate.

Our partners at HAPI Nutrition don’t want you to suffer unnecessarily and wish you a speedy recovery. So whether you’re feeling somewhat poorly or think you might be getting a cold, they’ve put together a lovely list of natural solutions to support and nurture you.


Ensure you are adequately hydrated as this is essential to maintain a tip-top immune system. The better this is functioning, the more quickly you’ll shake your cold. Water is the best form of hydration. Try hot water steeped for several minutes with plenty of ginger and half a lemon with the peel (make sure it is unwaxed and preferably organic). Both contain impressive antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. These will help to calm symptoms and reduce congestion, leading to restoration and recovery. Ginger can also encourage a sweat, which may help to reduce a mild temperature. Stirring in ateaspoon of raw or manuka honey just before drinking will also soothe a sore throat and help to kill any nasties.

Echinacea purpurea

This may help to prevent colds and reduce their duration. It will have more positive results if you start taking it at the onset of a cold!


Research has shown zinc to be effective in both relieving the symptoms and reducing the duration of a cold. Many of the studies supporting this have used zinc lozenges, and doses have varied. Taking too much zinc can inhibit copper absorption, so you need to be careful. In their review of various zinc studies, the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews recommends that those suffering from a cold take a daily dose of 75 mg/day throughout its duration. If you want to ensure you’re getting enough, thedaily RNI for zinc in the UK is 7mg for women and 9.5mg for men aged 19 to 50 years.

Vitamin D

This is invaluable for a healthy immune system. There is also substantial research supporting its use in the prevention of acute respiratory tract infections including the common cold. The key here is to maintain optimal vitamin D levels. If you get frequent colds, it may be worth getting your levels tested with your GP.

Bone Broth

Research has shown that chicken broth can reduce inflammation and clear nasal passages. Bone broth isjam-packed with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes that can boost and feed your immune system while helping to keep you hydrated. It is easy to make, we would always recommend using organic bones and simmering it for a good 24 hours in a slow cooker. Here is a recipe you can try.

Onion and honey

This is a super remedy which is excellent to ease a sore throat that can often accompany a cold. Both theonions and raw or Manuka honey have natural antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to fight infection, boost immunity and reduce symptoms. If you also have a cough, the honey can ease this, encouraging a better night’s sleep. Here’s the recipe.

Epsom Salt bath

Have a lovely long soak in an Epsom Salt bath to ease sore aching muscles, remove toxins and boost your immune system. The magnesium will calm your nervous system, helping you to relax and de-stress, preparing you for a peaceful night’s sleep. You’ll need to soak for 40 minutes to get the full effect. Also, ensure it’s not too hot as you don’t want overstimulation before bedtime. Don’t fancy a full body soak? Have a foot bath instead.