June 2018

5 tips to stay hydrated this summer

Summer is finally here! The sun is at long last out, the swimming pools are filled, all of the bottles of Pimm’s are out and picnics are everywhere. Having fun in the sun doesn’t need to stop, people just need… Continue Reading →

Your Wellness Hub Stress and Resilience Training

The NHS have identified that one in every six-experience anxiety every week. It has never been more important to support your managers in becoming competent, confident and compliant in dealing with stress and mental health issues in the workplace. If… Continue Reading →

How working long-hours can be damaging to your workplace

British employees work an average of 469 unpaid hours a year! Working long-hours can damage a business as employees will be unproductive, tired, stressed and more likely to make mistakes. More than a third of parents feel resentful about their employer’s… Continue Reading →

The diabetes health crisis in men

Men’s Health Week 2018 is tackling the diabetes health crisis in men. This is because men are more likely to get diabetes than their female counterparts. Furthermore, they are more likely to suffer from complications such as leg amputation and… Continue Reading →

Tackling employee turnover

High employee turnover can be damaging to a business… As a result of losing talent, it will cost lots of money to replace staff. This is because resources will need to be invested into hiring, training and ensuring employees are… Continue Reading →

Why employers should encourage employees to take breaks

Only two in five UK employees reported taking a maximum of just half their annual leave entitlement during the last holiday year. Furthermore, with the average employee taking just 62% of their allowance. Whether it is in regards to annual… Continue Reading →

Your Wellness Hub Supplier Spotlight: Healthy Nibbles

Your Wellness Hub is a one-stop wellness hub for companies to purchase a range of wellness offering designed to help employees Live Fit, Work Fit and Think Fit. Employers can help employees to Work Fit by creating a healthier work… Continue Reading →

Tips to improve your memory

Frustrated that you are frequently forgetting things or do you simply want to boost your brainpower? There are a couple of ways that can help to improve your memory and speed up your thought process. Don’t skip your workouts Physical… Continue Reading →

Being mindful with unhealthy foods

Being healthy doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself of all of your favourite vices. It’s all about learning to be mindful with unhealthy foods. The main foods to moderate are those containing unhealthy fats and sugar, and alcohol drink… Continue Reading →

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