Your Wellness Hub Stress and Resilience Training

Your Wellness Hub Stress and Resilience Training

The NHS have identified that one in every six-experience anxiety every week. It has never been more important to support your managers in becoming competent, confident and compliant in dealing with stress and mental health issues in the workplace. If you are looking to offer Stress and Resilience Training to your workforce Your Wellness Hub is here to help.

Did you know that?

  • 1 in 8 employees reported having a mental health condition [1]
  • 15 million working days are lost due to stress, depression and anxiety per year [2]
  • Stress is one of the top most common causes for long-term and short-term absences. [3]
  • Less than a quarter of line managers have received any training in mental health [4]
  • 15% of employees that disclosed a mental health issue faced disciplinary procedures, demotion or dismissal [5]

About the Stress and Resilience Training

They offer a wide selection of topic areas that can be customised to meet

  • Your organisation’s needs
  • The training needs of your managers
  • The length of the training sessions you require – for managers these can range from short 60-minute workshops to full day courses.

Topic modules include:

Mental health awareness provides managers with an understanding and knowledge of common mental health conditions; their prevalence; and common signs and symptoms.

Understanding the relationship between pressure and performance develops managers understanding of the importance of pressure; how individuals react differently to pressure; and strategies to prevent tipping into the strain (stress) zone.

Managing and dealing with stress in the workplace provides managers with training in how to recognise signs and symptoms of stress; and guidance in best practice in dealing with individual team members who present themselves as suffering from stress.

Managing change supports managers in understanding the change process; how individuals typically react to change; and how they as managers can best support and coach people through change.

Developing resilient teams provides managers with an understanding of personal resilience; how to support individual team members to build their resilience to pressure; and how managers can influence the work environment and working styles to support the development of more resilient teams.

Developing personal resilience for leaders focuses on developing the personal resilience to pressure of your managers and works on the principle that resilient teams require resilient leaders.



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