The Mid-Afternoon Slump

The Mid-Afternoon Slump

The Midafternoon slump. We’ve all been there. In a large part, it’s physiological. The human circadian rhythm makes us sleepy in the afternoons – it’s no real surprise that the rest of Europe still functions around a midafternoon siesta! But also, poor sleep, medical issues, stress and poor eating habits also contribute to this lack of energy during the afternoon.

You’ll see lots of options for food-based products or items that are designed to give you an energy “boost” at this time. Most of these will be based on sugar, caffeine or both.

Whilst that may get us through that particular slump, the effects will only be short lived. This is because sugar and caffeine peak and then wear off in around 30-60 minutes. Then we are left with an even bigger crash and cravings for more sugar or caffeine.

So, what can we do instead?

Ultimately, we need to control all of the other factors that may be contributing to the fatigue. Make sure you are well hydrated, otherwise fit and well and have appropriate strategies in place to deal with and manage stress. But in terms of nutrition, we can still do better than high sugar and/or high caffeine products.


Fruit is high in sugar (fructose) which will give an energy boost, but we can slow down that energy release by combining with protein. So try a product rich in fruit and milk! Strawberry Milk is a great option – the strawberries provide a rich supply of antioxidants and berries are slower than other fruits to release sugar. As well as this, 100g of strawberries provides 100% of your RDA for Vitamin C. Combining with milk (your choice of milk substitute if preferred) delivers an abundance of calcium – vital for bone strength, potassium and Vitamins A & B12. The protein content also makes it a perfect post-workout option for that optimum window for recovery 25-40 minutes after you finish in the gym.

You can make your own – strawberries, milk and ice in a blender is all you need, or there are some great pre-prepared products that are packed with extra protein – check out Ufit High Protein Strawberry Milkshake. As it’s a drink without caffeine it also takes care of your hydration, ensuring that your productivity stays high throughout the a fternoon.

Use Strawberry Milkshake as your afternoon pick-me-up or post gym protein product.