How to Support the Mental Wellbeing of Your Employees

How to Support the Mental Wellbeing of Your Employees

Good wellbeing is essential to the health and happiness of your employees. It is important to support the mental wellbeing of your workforce and raise awareness about mental health in the workplace.

Especially since, more than three-quarters of managers believe businesses lack key support and education around mental wellbeing in the workplace. Research by Insight agency Opinium and the University of Warwick revealed one in five employees with mental health problems worry that telling their employer could jeopardise their career.

Here are four ways to support the mental wellbeing of your employees:

Have regular employee check-ins

A poor relationship between an employee and manager can result in a higher turnover of staff. A 2018 YouGov poll found that 80% of employees had experienced what they felt was poor management. Furthermore, 55% of staff had actually left their job because of it. It is vital for line managers to foster a relationship with the employees they manage. Therefore, creating regular check-ins to have with employees can build a positive connection where progress, objectives and feedback can be discussed. It can also give managers the opportunity to check in and support the mental wellbeing of their employees. An employee needs to feel like they can talk to their manager about whatever they are facing, especially if it is stress or mental health related.

Invest in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

We all have mental health. Positive mental wellbeing is good for everyone and within a business it helps people to thrive. Therefore, it is important to support the mental wellbeing of your employees. Your workplace needs to be able to talk freely about mental health and having Mental Health First Aiders will allow you to do so. MHFA helps people to notice the signs of mental ill health, encourage them to break down barriers and listen in a non-judgemental way. Ultimately, signposting them towards support for recovery. A MHFA course teaches people to look after their own and others’ wellbeing.

Help employees to find a happy balance

Look after the mental wellbeing of your employees with a new, innovative and stress-free wellbeing platform. MyMindPal is an online emotional wellbeing platform that helps your employees thrive on a daily basis. MyMindPal hosts a variety of exercises to assist employees to reduce stress in the moment, build a positive mind-set, be more mindful and build their levels of resilience. This leads to an enhanced level of emotional wellbeing, increased performance and reduced absenteeism.

Provide health assessments for their overall wellbeing

Health assessments can save lives by detecting health issues early, or when they are easier to treat. It can also help to improve their general wellbeing, which in turn will aid having good mental health. Incorpore’s health assessment schemes offer discounts at over 2,000 health clinics across the UK and Ireland with a variety of health assessment types. This means employees can choose the right health assessment for them, closest to wherever they live or work. Their health network is comprised of the major health assessment operators including Nuffield Health, Bluecrest, BMI Healthcare, Medichecks and Ramsay Healthcare.