The Closure of Our Social Media Channels

The Closure of Our Social Media Channels

Having been unhappy with our presence on social media for some time, we have decided to delete our accounts.

Managing Director James Shillaker explains: “In 2017, we started to evaluate the effectiveness of our social media channels and how our company fitted within the platforms. We monitored Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. We tried multiple approaches and tactics to see if the interactions with relevant people would change. However, it remained almost non-existent. We reached a conclusion that our business is not one that benefits from social media usage.

The nature of our business means our target audience is quite niche. Consequently, it became difficult to utilise a style that fitted within our employee benefit and health club audiences. Thus, we were investing resources into something that was not having a positive impact on our company.

We decided on Thursday 26th April 2018 to deactivate our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. The pressure to ‘perform’ was far greater than the benefits accrued. Most noteworthy, we felt as a business we had outgrown the platforms and believe our efforts are better valued elsewhere.

Our staff continue to enjoy a variety of social media platforms on a personal basis. However, for the time being there is no advantage in prolonging our company social media strategy. With the exception of LinkedIn where we feel the platform has great potential for our company and will continue to publish company updates.

We will continue to publish health, wellbeing and fitness articles on our blog – and have a presence on the Employee Benefit website –

We apologise to those people who enjoyed following us on social media with our healthy recipes, fitness articles and industry news. Please check out our blog or LinkedIn for what we are up to.”

Is social media on the decline?

Facebook declined in usage by about 50 million hours per day in last year’s fourth quarter (2017). Instagram dissatisfied its users since implementing the new algorithm in 2016, making it difficult for accounts to grow organically and Twitter has been losing active users since around 2016.