How to Stay Healthy over Easter

How to Stay Healthy over Easter

Easter is just a couple of days away and it brings with it unhealthy tasty goods. It’s near enough impossible to avoid all Easter temptation when supermarkets bring out Easter chocolates in February or earlier. However, you don’t have to hibernate from it all, you can indulge in Easter treats! Most importantly it is about striking a balance! Here’s how to stay healthy over Easter:

Don’t skip your workouts

Easter weekend can become quite hectic with seeing family and friends. However, your exercise routine shouldn’t be neglected as a result. Even if you don’t exercise as frequently as normal, one workout is better than none at all! Try going to the gym first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening and doing exercises that provide a full body workout!

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Avoid snacking and filling up on chocolates

Whilst you will have Easter weekend off, it doesn’t mean your meal schedule should go out of the window. It might be tempting to eat nothing but chocolate. However, your waistline and stomach would disagree. Only eating Easter eggs will spike blood sugar levels. Then cause you to be hungry when your energy levels drop. Ensure you have a sufficient amount of health foods, fruit and vegetables in the house before the long weekend.

Choose quality over quantity

When you purchase Easter eggs, avoid bulk buying your chocolate and instead opt for good quality chocolate. Dark chocolate with at least 70% dark cocoa contains more antioxidants and high levels of cocoa have been shown to lower blood pressure. You will be less likely to eat a whole dark chocolate egg in one sitting and it will stop eating once you are full.

Eat chocolate in small doses

Don’t try to skip Easter or refuse yourself chocolate as you will likely end up binge eating lots of chocolate. Your Easter eggs don’t have to all be eaten in one go at the weekend so take your time and savour them. Try to also be mindful of the portion of Easter eggs you have, share normal sized ones with your family and opt for mini versions if you are alone. Everything is fine in moderation!

Balance out the calories

Keeping a food diary over Easter may not be the most fun of task. However, it can keep you from snacking and help you to keep track of your weight. If you do set yourself healthy eating goals over Easter try to keep them realistic and not be too extreme.

Focus of family fun

Choosing a family activity to do over Easter weekend will keep you all physically active and will provide a fun outing. A day out will also allow you to walk off the calories you would have eaten. Along with balancing out any extra calories you eat to stay healthy over Easter.