August 2018

Mental health in the workplace

Mental health has become a prominent issue to tackle within the workplace. However, many are still suffering in silence. Today’s young generation face an employment landscape that could damage their mental health and wellbeing unless action is taken. Only a… Continue Reading →

Why workplace wellness matters

Workplace wellness has become a buzzword in the past couple of months or so. Especially, since businesses are more aware of the benefits of employee wellness. Every £1 spent on workplace health initiatives results in return on investment ranging from… Continue Reading →

Your Wellness Hub Supplier Spotlight: Sit-Stand.Com

An estimated 17.8 million people live with a musculoskeletal condition in the UK, which is around 28.9% of the total population. The average UK office worker sits for over 8.9 hours a day, therefore it is vital to rectify this… Continue Reading →

Tips for exercising safely in summer heat

When exercising in summer heat people need to be very careful as they can fall prey to heatstroke, heat exhaustion, heat syncope or heat cramps. Therefore, it is vital to drink enough fluids, wear the correct clothing, time your workouts… Continue Reading →

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